Since soloing on November 26, 1962, Ron Bower has flown over 9,000 flight hours. He has held every aircraft rating (except blimp and hot air balloon).

Ron has plotted courses for countless flying adventures — as a flight instructor, combat pilot, salesman, purchasing consultant, and dual (east- and west-bound) world record helicopter speed and distance holder. During each flight, he stayed mentally present and calm to adjust in the moment as needed to avoid hazards. This master flyer has maneuvered through enemy fire and mechanical failures safely. In 55 years of flying, Ron’s record has remained clear of any accidents, incidents and violations.



^ FAA Administrator David R. Hinson gives Ron a certificate of record for his first Round-The-World flight (1994) at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.


^ HAI Chairman William H. Wells, Jr. gives Ron the Pilot Of The Year award, January, 1995.


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